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short fiction stories

The rainbow’s eye

Our story begins with five friends Oliver, Jon, Lukas, Owen and Charlie. They have been friends since childhood, lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school and dated the same girls. They are now 21, dressed like skater boys and drinking beer.

“I’m not in the mood for football,” says Owen drinking a sip of his beer.

“You never are…The rest of us agree on football?” asks Charlie.

“I mean…yes, I guess,” replies Jon looking at Owen.

“To be honest, I don’t really care what we do as much as we are together, but football? Nah,” says Oliver laughing.

“Lukas? Choose wisely, your vote decides,” asks Charlie with despair in his eyes.

“I’m sorry Charlie, but no. We haven’t seen each other in a year, the first time we’ve been apart for so long and you want football?”

Owen laughs, gets up from the white plastic chair and goes towards Charlie.

“You better tell us about the girls you’ve had while you were away, I am sure you have some lies prepared.”

Owen takes a beer from the box behind Charlie and goes back on his chair.

“You have long hair now,” remarks Charlie angrily.

“It hardly touches my shoulder, it’s not that long.”

“When we were children you said you would never have long hair,” says Charlie coming closer and closer to Owen

Lukas gets up, lights a cigarette and affirms.

“I truly believe that this conversation you two have is useless, and might end up with a fight.”

“I say we go find a treasure,” says Jon looking at a book.

“What?” asks everyone with either words or just facial expressions.

“Okay so this book is about five friends finding a treasure, and when they find it, they have to agree on what they want.”

“You are telling us to go find a magic treasure, that we can decide what it is?” asks Owen fascinated.

“Yes, also the book has a map. But I want to warn you, I don’t think that this treasure is not protected.”

“Sounds cool Jon,” says Lukas looking happy.

“My grandfather gave it to me.”

“We do not care, we’re not going, have you all lost your god damn minds?” says Charlie angrily.

Charlie goes towards Jon, he snatches the book from his hands and slams it on the ground.

“This right here my dear Jon, is bullshit. It’s just a book.”

Jon points his eyes on the ground and a tear falls on the book.

“I want to go,” says Oliver.

“Me too man, sounds awesome,” says Owen.

“I’m going if you’re going,” says Lukas doing a little happy dance.

Charlie doesn’t say a word, looks at his friends one by one, disappointed that they still believe in fantasy stories.

“Ok, I’m coming with you, but it will be for nothing.”

Each of the boys went home to pack a backpack with necessities for the trip. After an hour they meet in front of Jon’s house.

“We should go in those mountains, my grandfather told me the end of the rainbow is always there.”

Says Jon pointing at the mountains outside their city, three ice-capped mountain peaks.

“Between the one of left and middle is always the rainbow end. There is where we have to go.”

“I don’t want to die at 21,” says Lukas laughing.

The boys start their trip to the mountains, they walked a long road just to leave the city, stopping at every gas station to buy a soda. They finally reached the forest between the two mountains, almost starved and tired.

“The forest is scary and full of creatures,” read Jon from the first page of the book.

“It’s just a forest, my father’s been here a thousand times,” says Charlie.

For a while, the forest was peaceful, with just some crows and rabbits, but as they got closer to the wanted place things got scarier. They could hear large footsteps while sleeping, voices and screams.

“We have to wait until it rains, to see the rainbow, after that we can go there, until then we have to wait here.”

Says Jon looking around, they are in a little meadow, with some young trees and a river cutting the land in two halves. They were approximately 1 Km from the spot, but the rain didn’t seem to show up. They prepared a fire, cooked some marshmallows and drank beer.

“Jon, rain might now come for days, we’ve been away for long enough, we cannot stay here more,” says Oliver itching the mosquito bites all over his legs.

When Jon wanted to reply they heard something in a tree, they stopped talking and listen carefully, with all eyes on that tree. Great was their astonishment when a little man jumped from the tree.

“Hello my children, I am Henry and I am a protector of this forest.” says the dwarf arranging his vest.

The boys remained muted, shocked, looking at Henry with big eyes.

“Hello Henry, we are looking for the treasure in “The rainbow’s eye” and I know that place is near,” says Jon with a trembling voice.

“But you need rain,” says Henry looking superior.


“I can make it rain, but I need your help. You must all come with me.”

Owen steps on his cigarette and says:

“Jon, we have to talk first.”

Everyone agreed that Henry cannot be trusted, he was sneaky and weird, but Jon liked him.

“I’m going with him, go home if you want.”

Jon went to talk more with Henry and let the boys decide.

“We cannot let him alone with that thing,” says Lukas.

“We came together, we have to stay together,” adds Oliver.

“Maybe the treasure is real, and I could ask for a car,” says Charlie laughing.

“None is going home without Jon,” says Owen.

They let Jon know about their decision and followed Henry to a red house. The house was the human size and also every single thing inside, chairs and plates. They all set down at the table, Henry brought them some glasses full of something white.

“It’s centaur blood, it’s very good for health, gives you strength,” says Henry placing a glass for everyone but himself.

“Why it’s white? Isn’t that weird?” asks Owen smelling the liquid.

“Centaurs are weird creatures,” says Henry.

“Why don’t you drink then?” asks Charlie.

“I only kill a centaur per week, I don’t have any blood left.”

Henry also brings some green cookies.

“These are with moss tree.”

Oliver takes the glass to his mouth and takes a good sip, takes a bite of the cookie and looks around to see if anyone else does the same.

“It’s good guys. Plus, he invited us into his home, we cannot refuse,” says Oliver while finishing the glass.

“I’m so happy you like it, I will get you some more,” says Henry going outside.

Henry comes back, after a few minutes with another full glass for Oliver.

Owen gets up, hits the table and says:

“You said you didn’t have more, you fucking liar.”

Henry takes a knife out of his back pocket and jumps directly at Oliver’s neck, Charlie gets him and puts him on the floor.

“Kill him! I can’t hold him much longer, he’s strong.”

Lukas gets the knife out of his hand and places it on Henry’s chest.

“I can’t, I can’t,” screams Lukas.

Jon was crying along with Oliver, not even thinking about helping their friends. Owen comes next to Lukas, looking him into his eyes, telling him to calm down while he pushed the knife through Henry’s chest with his hand. White blood poured from Henry’s body, they looked at the glasses on the table and realised what Oliver had drunk.

Oliver started crying louder and louder, and no one could help him. They left the dwarf’s house and went back to their spot. When they were near, they saw a woman dressed all blue, standing beside their fire. Fear started running through their veins and the worst scenarios through their minds.

Jon steps forward and says.

“You are a water witch, I read about you in a book.”

“I am here to help you.”

The woman looks at them, her black eyes, narrow nose and red full lips made all the boys fall in love.”

“You should definitely help us,” says Charlie going towards her, “I am Charlie, I am 21 so it’s not a problem if you are older.”

“I am as old as the forest and I have no interest in men,” says the witch throwing a yellow flower into the fire.

“I’d kill to have a woman like you,” says Charlie trying to touch her hair.

“Charlie, back off, what’s wrong with you!” says Oliver pushing Charlie, “I am so sorry for my friend’s behaviour.”

“You might have to,” says the woman.

“What?” asks Oliver confused.

“You might have to kill someone to have me,” she adds walking towards Charlie, “One of your friends.”

Charlie looks around at everyone, his eyes express concern and hesitation.

“I can’t,” says Charlie taking a step back.

The witch rips her dress off, showing Charlie her Eva’s costume. Her beautifully sculpted body made Charlie eyes and ears to her commands. The rest of them were drawn to the image of the witches body for a few seconds but remembered quickly what happened when Oliver did a mistake.

“You can choose which one to kill, but I prefer Jon, his curly blond hair and sharp mind give me some worrying feelings,” says The blue woman petting Charlie on his head, “I like your black curly hair more.”

Jon runs behind Owen and starts praying, Owen laughs and says:

“I’m going to kill you bitch, I already killed another mystical forest creature, I want to win a record today.”

“Jon stop praying, your God’s hands cannot enter this forest and…Owen, you are going to regret every word.”

Owen starts floating 3 meters above the ground, spinning and going up and down.

“I going to smash you on the ground,” screams the witch, her voice can be heard in the whole forest, and it could’ve been heard even in the city if the people wouldn’t be so loud.

Her hands start to get blue when Charlie says:

“Let him down, I will kill him for you.”

The witch laughs and lets Owen down, Charlie jumps on him and tries to strangle him.

“Charlie, stop it! Someone help him,” says Owen trying to get Charlie off of him.

Charlie’s body falls right next to Owen, looking scared and cold, Owen checks his pulse and realise that Charlie is alive. He gets up and sees Lukas right next to the witch’s full of blood body.

“I stole the dwarf’s knife,” says Lukas, “I couldn’t let him kill you, when Oliver and Jon tried to take him off of you, I attacked her.”

“Thank you. I am sorry Jon but we have to leave,” says Owen tying his hair in a bun.

“Let’s just go there, maybe we can find the treasure without a rainbow…Please,” says Jon looking at each of the boys.

Charlie gets up and says:

“We almost died for this, we should at least try.”

“Charlie, I’m sorry man, but you are crazy…Despite that I agree we should go,” says Oliver pouring water on the fire.

“I’m going if you guys are going,” continues Lukas.

They all decided to give this treasure a try, left immediately with flea hearts and largely open eyes. After they walked that 1 Km they looked around, looking for an obvious hint.

“Fuck this, there is no treasure. Give me a cigarette Owen,” says Charlie.

“I don’t have any left…” answers Owen showing Charlie his empty pack.”

“You only smoke two this trip, how comes to don’t have any? asks Charlie furiously. “You only brought those two?”

“Yes Charlie, when I left home I only have two and I was too lazy to go buy another pack.”

“But you are addicted to smoking,” remarks Jon.

“Then thank God I am lazier than addicted to smoking.” declares Owen.

“You can just have one of mine,” interferes Oliver giving Charlie a cigarette and a lighter.

When Charlie tries to light up his cigarette a raindrop extinguish it.

“Rain,” Lukas exclaims.

As soon as the boys looked up it started raining harder, the sun positioned itself just alongside the rainbow, it was a summer rain that lasted 10 minutes. When the rainbow appeared, they could clearly see the end of it right in front of them.

“Should we dig or?” asks Owen confused.

The situation left everyone speechless, the dream of many children was right here.

“We don’t have a shovel,” says Jon stuttering.

“Why didn’t you take one, master of magic trips?” demands Charlie.

“Why didn’t you?” asks Jon looking through his book.

“We didn’t believe you,” responds Lukas.

“I believed him, I brought a little garden shovel,” continues Oliver.

Oliver starts digging and the other ones watch with their hearts in their throats.

“I can’t handle the anxiety, I am going to piss,” says Charlie.

He goes Nord from the digging place until he finds an enormous rock, when he decides that’s where he will piss he hears something. He looks up and on the rock, it’s a baby dragon, with his scaly black skin and red eyes.

“Guys, I think the treasure is here.”

They hear him and come running, and for the first time in his life Owen sits down fully surprised.

“This is amazing.”

“I think we have to kill him to get the treasure,” says Charlie trying to touch the baby dragon.

“I’m killing you all before I kill this dragon,” declares Owen.

The dragon starts flying around the big rock, so the boys start to look around, they found an old dark wood chest behind the rock. They all started to say different wishes and arguing for whom deserves the treasure.

“We have to choose together, that’s the whole point,” says Jon sad, “And I think we should put it where the rainbow ends.”

They took the chest which seemed empty, but they carried it there with a lot of hope.

The rainbow was starting to fade and they couldn’t decide on a wish, while they were arguing the baby dragon came and breathed fire on the chest.

“He burnt the chest and the rainbow is gone,” says Oliver.

“I think they already choose for us…the dragon and the chest,” says Owen watching the chest’s lock crack.

The chest opens, and the only thing inside is an old tape. Everyone got angry screaming at Jon that he pranked them, they all took their backpacks preparing to go home.

“This is a treasure, I think I’m going to cry,” says Lukas looking at the tape.

The boys looked at him and asked him why he says this. He looks and the tape and says loudly:

“This tape has all the best moments and funniest moments the 5 friends had together: Oliver, Jon, Lukas, Owen and Charlie.”



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  1. this is awesome I really loved it thanks for making my time better<333


    1. I really appreciate you for taking your time to read and comment, I hope your having an amazing day! ❤️


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