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A Halloween tale

The end of October was coming fast, everyone was getting ready for Halloween in the small town of “Blueberry wine”, which was, of course, famous for its blueberry wine. The town had approximately 50 houses, so it wasn’t hard to remember who lived where, but what’s certain is that they loved Halloween.

They celebrated it with a special festival called “Purple monsters”, so everyone always dressed in purple for Halloween, and this year’s theme was “Witches”. In one of the biggest houses of the town, we could hear Luisa screaming at her daughter.

“I have to make the most beautiful witch dress, Petunia had a better dress last year.”

“Last year’s theme was “Magic frog” mom. I’m sure you will be the best this year,” said Carla looking outside.

“You should start decorating.”

Everyone was decorating, besides Emma, her house was the last one, never decorated, never celebrating. She was always excluded because she was different, dressed different and liked different things. The last time she went out with a friend was when she was 6 years old, with Carla, and the meeting went something like this.

They were playing outside Emma’s house, everything was fine, Carla was ok with the other children laughing that she was friends with Emma. But something made Carla not wanting to be friends with Emma anymore.

“Put the frog down Emma, it’s disgusting!” shouted Carla.

“It’s just a frog, and it’s very cute!” shouted Emma back.

Emma’s mom came out and explained to Carla that’s nothing wrong with loving animals. Carla looked confused and annoyed.

“Animals are cute, yes, but frogs…”

She went home and told her mom, which told everyone that Emma and her mom were freaks, and that’s how Emma lost her last friend. In the meantime, Emma lost her mother, and she was now truly alone, but she found her magic powers and she learned to control and love them.

But she decided that this Halloween would be different because she was a witch, so fitted for this year’s theme. She got dressed, did a pretty make-up look and went out, and for the first time in all those years, everything felt right. Everyone had either nice dresses, pointed hats or wands, she could saw different perceptions of witches, some had “Harry Potter” vibes and some had “The Craft” and she loved both. Her daydreaming was interrupted by a little girl pulling her dress.

“What movie are you from?”

Emma couldn’t remember any movie, any character or how to speak, it was the first time she spoke with someone in such a long time.

“I’m sorry if I disturbed you, you just look very nice,” added the little girl.

“What movie do you think I am from?” asked Emma smiling.

“Hmm, Hocus Pocus?”

“Yes! You truly are good at this.”

Emma felt joy, felt like she could join back this community and maybe have friends, but once again her dreams were crushed by a woman running towards her.

“Bella step back from that woman!” she screamed pulling the girl. “She is a real witch!”

A few heads turned towards them, a few whispers were heard and a few even came closer.

“Isn’t that cool?” asked the girl excited.

“She’s evil!”

Emma pointed her eyes on the ground, her legs were shaking but she remember the feeling her mother taught her.

“They won’t understand or accept you, and you don’t need that from them, so don’t let them believe that you do. Don’t let them make you feel what you don’t want to feel.”

“Why would you dress me like this then?” asked the girl looking at her dress.

“What’s your name?” asked Emma taking the girl’s hands.

“Bella,” she answered looking at her mother.

“I just want you to know that I am not evil,” she looked around at all the people gathered, “I actually want you all to know that I am not evil, all I do is understand myself and nature better than you. You can visit me anytime, I’ll make you tea and maybe help you with something, or at least inform you of some things that apparently you are not open to understanding.”

“I’d like to visit,” says Carla.

Emma recognized her immediately and she was happy that Carla also remembered her.

“Hi Carla, I will be happy to have you in my house anytime you’d like.”

Emma turned around and went home, she spent the whole night cleaning and worrying, talking by herself and preparing for Bella’s mother to bang on her door at any moment. By the morning, the house looked magic, full of people listening to Emma, Bella’s mother also came, apologised and listened carefully to Emma’s words.

“I am sorry again but I was just raised like this, rejecting what I don’t understand, and I know is not a good reason,” said Bella’s mother.

“It’s not, but I understand you and I appreciate you coming here today.”

At nightfall, Carla came with a scented candle as a gift and a warm hug as an apology, the night felt like a minute to them, talking about what they did in all the time they weren’t together.


After five years, nothing was the same anymore, Emma married Carla and became the mayor of “Blueberry wine”, Halloween became everyone’s favourite holiday and judging others was a tale long forgotten.

The last time I saw Emma she was in her garden, teaching Bella how to control her powers.


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3 responses to “A Halloween tale”

  1. Yay, what a great story to welcome the wonderful season of the Witches! Thank you for writing this piece! Wish you all the best, Burn Heaven! 🖤


    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love you ❤️. I hope you’re having the best day!


      1. 🎃🥰💜


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