Dorothy: A pirate

Part III

That was the moment Dorothy’s mindset on proving Oliver that he’s wrong. When she saw John coming and ran towards him.

“Hi John, when is the next stop?”

“From what Oliver told us, we will stop somewhere next to France, and I’ll think we’ll be there before night falls.”

Dorothy’s smiled and turned around, but Oliver was there.

“It’s not your problem when we stop, you’ll stay on the ship anyway. Now make yourself useful and clean the deck.”

“Of course,” she answered.

Dorothy found everything she needed to clean the deck, but she didn’t waste any time, because she also looked for weapons, she was lucky enough to find a gun that she hid under her skirt. She cleaned the deck quietly and well and waited for the nightfall.

When Dorothy heard Oliver telling the crew to prepare, she knew the time was coming, she dressed in another dress, a dress she had never worn before, because she kept it for this special moment, her first time robbing with the pirates.

“John, let down the anchor”

Dorothy got all the courage she needed when she remembered about all the adventures she read, and she knew she deserved to be a part of this life.

“I want to come with you,” she said looking at Oliver.

“You can’t. We don’t have and don’t want female pirates on this ship.”

“Let me at least try Oliver, there is nothing to lose. I can only lose my life, which is not important to you.”

“Your life is important because Olga is old, and when she dies, we need someone to clean the deck and every other task she has, that will be you.”

“You can do it yourselves, you don’t need a woman to do it. You want to tell me that you can rob and kill, but can’t wash your pants? Pathetic.”

“Fine, you can come, and if after the raid is over you still want to be a pirate, I promise you I’ll help you be the best one.”

“Deal,” answered Dorothy happy.

“But if I’m right, and it’s too hard for you, you remain at cleaning the deck.”


Dorothy’s confidence made Oliver a little scared, but he had seen a woman fight before because women can’t fight. His father always told him that men are better, stronger, and smarter, how can an 18 years old girl prove him wrong.

“Deal,” he replied smiling.

The fact that Oliver agreed to take Dorothy with him, made Dorothy the happiest, and decided she will make him regret not trusting her.

They jumped out of the ship, the water was hitting Dorothy’s knees so hard that she almost fell, but she wasn’t going to give Oliver any reason to laugh or for her to lose the deal, so she took a deep breath and started making little steps toward the shore.

John came running from the back and slowed when she got closer to Dorothy.

“How do you feel?” he asked smiling.

“I feel great…Don’t you guys usually rob other ships?”

“We do, and today we’re also going to rob a ship.”

“Come on, hide!” Oliver shouted.

Everyone started running to find a hiding spot, John hid behind a dune covered with grass, he looked at Dorothy because she hadn’t found a place to hide yet so she ran to him, laid on her stomach, and asked in a whisper.

“What are we doing?”

“We are waiting for the next ship to come.”

It wasn’t long until they saw a ship approaching the shore, everyone prepared their weapons and waited for the perfect time. When the ship was close enough to the shore, Oliver whistled and everyone started running to the ship, Dorothy followed them closely.

They jumped onto the ship and attacked everyone they could see until the captain screamed.

“Stop! Who is the captain?”

Oliver smiled and took a few steps forward.

“I am.”

“I fought with pirates before, and it never ends well. Just take what you want and leave.”

Dorothy looked at Oliver, then at John, and started walking slowly towards the captain, when she was close enough, she put her hand in his pocket and she took out 10 pennies.

She turned around and tossed them on the floor, looked at Oliver, and said.

“Here captain, for you.”

Oliver wasn’t happy at all, because he swore to himself that he was not going to lose the deal.

“Crew, start robbing, and you…” he said looking at Dorothy “You want to prove yourself? Kill their captain.”

Dorothy was speechless, Oliver’s arrogance was disgusting to her.

“Fine, if that’s what it takes for you to understand.”

She lifted her dress and pulled out the gun she was hiding, looked the captain straight in the eyes, and whispered “I’m sorry.” The captain nodded and a tear fell from his eye.

She pointed the gun at him and without waiting for another word from Oliver she shot. The bullet went through the man’s leg, he fell to the ground and started screaming in pain.

“You missed,” laughs Oliver.

“I didn’t miss, you are so arrogant that you can’t understand anything around you. I wanted to show that I can and I dare to shoot someone if needed, but I won’t kill an innocent man for you.”

“You lost the deal.” was the only thing Oliver said while laughing.

“Wow, you are stupid. I might’ve lost the deal, the chance to learn from you how to be a pirate, but you showed me what kind of pirate I don’t want to be,” she said while reaping a piece of her dress to help the captain.

“Go home child, you are not for this life,” answered Oliver laughing with the rest of the crew.

“See you at sea, old man.”


It took almost two years for Dorothy to find a perfect ship and the perfect crew, but John helped her with everything, because when Dorothy left Oliver’s ship, so did John.

“Ready, captain?” Asked John smiling.

“Ready!” Replied Dorothy while steering the ship.

Their goal was to find and defeat Oliver at sea, and they did, one foggy September night John saw a ship that seemed familiar to him, soon to realize that it was Oliver’s ship.

Dorothy organized the crew, she knew exactly what to do, she had been dreaming at this moment every time she fell asleep.

The attack went better than Dorothy could ever imagine, Oliver’s face when he saw Dorothy jumping onto his ship, realizing that she was now a captain, was an image Dorothy won’t forget soon.

They got back to their ship with their hearts and pockets full, and they celebrated the whole night, they drank and danced, and maybe they still do, because some legend says that from time to time, a ship passes by the shore of France, full of dancing happy pirates.

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