The story begins with Hannah and Pete, a couple thirsty for adventure and horror. While looking for a future place to visit, Pete found a place called “Satan’s home on Earth”.

“Hannah, hear me out, it’s like a horror escape room, with “Hell” thematic, it’s a special event.”

“We’ve been to this kind of thing before.” She answers looking at a photo of the place.

“I know, but this place organizes this theme once 5 years. I’ve read people’s reviews, everyone says it’s awesome.”

They spend the night looking together at photos and reviews, and they finally decided to go. They got there for the third and last day of the event, the building was somewhere close to the city outskirts, a big grey house with the name of the place on the mailbox. They entered through a tall dark wooden door, the first things they noticed were the tall walls and the emptiness, as they kept looking around their eyes got used to the new light and they noticed the powerful red light in the room.

“Pete, everything looks like I have a red filter on my eyes.”

Pete looked at her and nodded “Yes”, as a confirmation of what she said. They saw a pair of stairs and arrows towards them, and as they got closer someone dressed as a demon, in a red latex suit, with horns and a tail approached them.

“On the stairs please, the horror room is up there.” He says with a deep voice, pointing to the stairs.

As Pete and Hannah got closer they noticed that there was nothing underneath the stairs, to the left and the right of the stairs it looked like an endless space, pitch black, silent, and unbearable heat coming out.

“Everything’s amazing, it’s the best place we’ve ever been to.” Said Pete excited.

When they took their first steps on the stairs, the demon started running towards them and pushed Pete off the stairs. Pete started screaming as he fell into the darkness, in a few seconds his voice sounded like he was whispering. Hannah was standing still, not being able to move or speak, thinking if this was a part of the event or it was an actual crime.

“Get into the room, it’s your turn.” Says another demon from the top of the stairs.

When Hannah finally snapped out she started running down the stairs, straight to the exit door, she could hear the hooves hitting the wooden floor, they were running after her. She pushed the door as hard as she could and she jumped in the street, she blinked a few times and the red filter disappeared.

The next few months were hard for Hannah, not receiving any signs from Pete, never being able to go back there, and trying to understand what happened. She couldn’t sleep well or do anything at all, and more than ever, the city felt like too much for her, so she decided to take a trip to her grandmother, in the countryside. Her grandma was more than happy to see her and help her, prepared her all the foods she loved, and never asked her a thing. One day Hannah’s grandma came into her room, very happy and smiling.

“Hannah, a friend of mine told me a new bakery opens up in the village, you could work there. I believe it might help you, to keep you busy.”

“You know that was my dream when I was a child.”

Hannah was excited, happy to feel like she was getting her life back so she didn’t think twice, she went and talked to the owner and he hired her.

“I’m happy to welcome you to our team, there are other 2 girls that will be working with you in the kitchen, one cashier and a man in the furnace.” Says the owner, a bald man in his 50s.

“Thank you, I’ll be there tomorrow at 8 a.m.”

The next day Hannah went to the bakery, talked to the girls, and learned the place of every pot and spoon in the kitchen.

“So Hannah, the boss left right before you came, he told us not to go in the furnace, he has a man who will bake and take care of that, he says that man’s a monster, not feeling heat or fatigue, so we just prepare the dough and leave it on the table before we leave.”

“Ok, got it. How many breads for today?”

“Five each.” Replied Christina.

Hannah started working, and she finally felt alive again, she forgot how much she loved baking and cooking, the girls were nice and she talked to them all day. When they all finished to preparer the doughs for the bread Christina said.

“We have to choose one of us to clean the bakery each day, I can do it tomorrow, but now I have something urgent so I can’t stay more.”

“No problem, I’ll stay.” Says Hannah smiling “I don’t have anything to do at home anyway. You go girls.”

She went back in and organized and cleaned everything, but when she checked to see if everything was fine with the bread, she heard a sound from behind, the furnace door. Hannah remembered about “the monster in the furnace”, when she looked back she saw the door opening up slowly. As the door opened up more and more, she could see a pair of dark brown hooves and horns, some large hands that could crack her skull in a second, but she just stood there, watching.

When the monster came out fully, she could see that in front of her was a minotaur, tall and muscular, with legs full of hair and pure white horns.

She turned around and took one bread, going towards the minotaur with her hands shaking. He looked at her, calm and somehow confused, he put his hand on his right horn and started pulling.

The bullhead came out, and now Hannah could see a man whose face was full of blood, all red and swollen.

The man took a step towards her and smiled.

It was Pete.

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