Burn Heaven

short fiction stories

Charlie II

Part II

Read “Charlie: Part I” here.

Tim went back in his seat and started driving, looked to his right at Sarah, she was happy, and she kept smiling and looking at Charlie.

“Stop looking at him like that, you’ll scare him or something.” Said Tim in a low tone.

“Do I scare you, Charlie?” She asked.

“No aunt Sarah, of course not.”

“I’m so happy you’re with us, I bought a few toys for you.” Said Sarah as they pulled up in front of their house.

As soon as they got out of the car, Sarah took Charlie in her arms and went inside, and Tim texted Simon “We’re home safe, it won’t be long.”, and followed the two. Sarah played with Charlie the whole day, but Simon kept texting worried and Tim didn’t know what to say to him.

“Hi young man, don’t you want to come with me while aunt Sarah prepares dinner? I want to show you some other toys.” Asked Tim hopeful.

“Of course.” Answered Charlie happy.

Tim took Charlie’s hand and went upstairs, went into the bathroom, and locked the door.

“Listen to me, I want you to go downstairs, and tell aunt Sarah that you want to go home.”

“I don’t want to go home yet, aunt Sarah promised we’re going to watch a movie tonight, eat popcorn, dad never lets me have popcorn.”

“I’ll talk to your dad, and you will have as much popcorn as you want. Don’t you miss mom and dad? You’ve been gone all day.” Said Tim while writing a text to Simon: “Charlie doesn’t want to go home.”

“You’re right uncle Tim, I want to go home.”

Tim smiled and unlocked the door, Charlie ran downstairs and went straight to Sarah.

“Aunt Sarah, I want to go home.”

“Why honey? I just prepared dinner, we’ll eat popcorn, we’ll have so much fun.”

“I want to go home, please.”

“We’re your family now, this is your home.” Answered Sarah already annoyed.

“No you’re not, mom and dad are.” He answered stepping back from her.

“Charlie, let me speak a little with aunt Sarah.” Said Tim handing Charlie a red truck.

Tim grabbed Sarah by the hand and took her with him to the living room.

“Sarah, you have to stop. We can still take this kid home, you were great today and I’m sure Charlie had an amazing day, but let’s take him home. I can talk to his parents, explain everything and make sure you can see him again.”

Tim’s phone was buzzing this whole time, Tim hadn’t yet answered Simon in hours, he takes out his phone and reads quickly the hundreds of messages from Simon, and writes a quick text.

“Everything’s fine, Charlie is fine. We’ll be back shortly.” Replied Tim.

Sarah was laying on the couch, looking at the ceiling silently.

“Are you ok?” Asked Tim going closer.

“Let’s take him home, and let’s adopt a kid.”

Tim kissed Sarah on the forehead and hugged her tight.

“I want to see a therapist.” She added while getting up from the couch.

“I have the perfect man, an old friend of mine is a therapist.”

“Who, Simon? Charlie’s father?” Asked Sarah smiling.


“You thought you could trick me? Remember, I’m not the stupid one in this relationship.”

She turned around and grabbed a half-full bottle of wine and smashed it into his head.

“Charlie.” She shouted as she went towards the kitchen.

Charlie was still in the kitchen playing with the red truck, Sarah took him in her arms and walked towards the door, grabbing the car keys on her way.

“We’re going on a ride.” She said opening the door.

When she opened the door she saw three policemen in front of the house, Simon and his wife were beside him.

“Put Charlie down.” Shouted Simon, “Where is Tim?”

Sarah put Charlie down and laughed, looked at Simon and his wife, and giggled.

“He was safe with me Simon, nothing to worry about.”

“Charlie, come to mommy.” Said Charlie’s mom with her voice vibrating.

“I thought you didn’t know me, know us.” Said Simon confused.

“So did Tim, and he’s now laying in the living room with his head smashed, what’s going to happen to you, Simon?” She said smiling.

Sarah bent down and took a rock, pointed it at Simon, and started running towards him. One of the policemen shoots her right before she threw the rock.

“You’re under arrest lady.”


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