Burn Heaven

short fiction stories


  • What I hate 2

     Second little list with what I hate: 1. I hate when a pimple pops up before I have to go somewhere. Example: summer holiday, perfect skin, tomorrow is the first day of school, fine, 10 pimples. 2. I hate when someone’s late, like why? how? come when you’re supposed to. 3. I hate people who… Continue reading

  • What I hate 1

    First little list with what I hate: 1. I hate people who don’t have a key in the bathroom. Yes, I know, we all poop and pee, but I won’t like you to see my Barbie panties.  2. I hate people who victimize themselves ALL THE TIME. Guys, psychologists still exist.  3. I hate people who interrupt… Continue reading

  • The paintings

      Everyone dressed in sadness gets in the car heading to grandma’s cottage:-You will like it darling. I can finally show you where I grew up.- I’m sure I will, but why we had to wait until Grandma’s death to see it?-Grandma was very protective of the house after I left, and she didn’t like to… Continue reading

  • Bridge Witch

    One night a man was coming from fieldwork with a horse-drawn carriage (the option for field life), on their way home he had to pass by a little bridge, he could see some light under the bridge, even if he wasn’t close yet. When he got close enough, he saw an old lady, completely naked,… Continue reading

  • Kind of a presentation

    Hi guys, for starters I’ll dedicate this blog to stories, mostly horror or this kinda stuff, stories I have heard over the years, from social media, friends, relatives, or old people (they have the best ones, most of the time at least). I am the kind of person that tells colleagues horror stories when we had… Continue reading

  • The old lady

     There was an old lady, in the county side, living alone in her little house, no children to come to visit her from time to time, no one. Her only source of income was her dairy cow, she would sell milk to the neighbours, but this business was not going well either because some thought she was… Continue reading

About Me

A short fiction story writer, passionate about horror, thriller, and gothic. Also an art, psychology, and philosophy lover.