Burn Heaven

short fiction stories

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    I open my eyes to the noise of the floor creaking in the hallway. I quickly jump out of bed and lock my bedroom door. I open my laptop shaking from all joints, looking towards the door every other second. I’m afraid it might come in, the door could open at any moment because I’m… Continue reading

  • Charlie II

    Part II Read “Charlie: Part I” here. Tim went back in his seat and started driving, looked to his right at Sarah, she was happy, and she kept smiling and looking at Charlie. “Stop looking at him like that, you’ll scare him or something.” Said Tim in a low tone. “Do I scare you, Charlie?”… Continue reading

  • Charlie

    Part I The rain was falling fast, making the whole town silent, people were running around, holding their umbrellas tight, and so was Tim, who was running to the hospital. Tim’s wife was giving birth to their first child in a hospital 10 minutes away, and he was running as hard as he could. When… Continue reading

  • Helga’s crew

    The bar was full of the laughs of the drunk women, pirates that were preparing to go to sea that day. They were all looking happy, dancing, telling stories, and talking shit about their husbands. Helga Morgan, the captain of the crew, was a very interesting woman, she was intelligent and beautiful, her black hair… Continue reading

  • Children of the grave

    In the front of the mirror, there was Marcus, looking at his grey face, with eyes looking like they were going to fall from their orbits. He kept touching his face, his hands were only bones, and so was all of his body. His clothes were dusty, full of mud, and he was confused. He… Continue reading

  • The difference between Witches and Wiccan

    We’ll start with some definitions so we can understand better what we’re talking about. Witchcraft “Witchcraft traditionally means the use of magic or supernatural powers to harm others. A practitioner is a witch.” -Wikipedia “[…] the exercise or invocation of alleged supernatural powers to control people or events, practices typically involving sorcery or magic.” -Britannica… Continue reading

  • Endless

    The story begins with Hannah and Pete, a couple thirsty for adventure and horror. While looking for a future place to visit, Pete found a place called “Satan’s home on Earth”. “Hannah, hear me out, it’s like a horror escape room, with “Hell” thematic, it’s a special event.” “We’ve been to this kind of thing… Continue reading

  • The witch and the broomstick

    A short article about the witches broomstick As we all know witches have as one of their way of going from one place to another – the broomstick —, but where did this come from? Today, we’re going to talk a little about the history of the association of the broomstick with witches, I am… Continue reading

  • Facts about witches

    The word “witch” has its origins in Old English, from Wicca or Wicce. A witch is a male or a female that practices witchcraft or possesses some kind of supernatural power. Some interesting and random facts about witches and witchcraft, both old and modern. 1. They were mentioned in The Bible I know, interesting, you… Continue reading

  • Bleeding heads

    In the big villa of the Hazard family, Diana and her husband Orion were living their 30s. Orion was coming from a family where every man for the last 10 generations was a hunter. Hunting made them one of the richest and most respectable families in their town, and now it was Orion’s turn to… Continue reading

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