Dorothy: A pirate

Part I Part II Part III That was the moment Dorothy’s mindset on proving Oliver that he’s wrong. When she saw John coming and ran towards him. “Hi John, when is the next stop?” “From what Oliver told us, we will stop somewhere next to France, and I’ll think we’ll be there before night falls.” [...]

Dorothy: A girl on a ship

Part I Part II Dorothy’s mind was in a hundred places at a time, she was thinking of her parents, of the fact she finally was on a ship but also she was confused about the answer the tall man with a long beard gave her. “I’m sorry, I thought you didn’t hear the first [...]


Part I In a world where your only pieces of information about your potential future job are in books your father had since he was your age, Dorothy was looking for her future job in a dusty book. In an old Victorian mansion, Dorothy and her parents were living a good and quiet life. The [...]

A Halloween tale

The end of October was coming fast, everyone was getting ready for Halloween in the small town of "Blueberry wine", which was, of course, famous for its blueberry wine. The town had approximately 50 houses, so it wasn't hard to remember who lived where, but what's certain is that they loved Halloween. They celebrated it [...]

The witch

Our story has its roots in a northern forest, where the grass and the trees get darker by the day, and the sky watches what "The witch" does all day long. She is a teen witch, living alone in the middle of the woods, she doesn't know her name, or if she even has one [...]

The rainbow’s eye

Our story begins with five friends Oliver, Jon, Lukas, Owen and Charlie. They have been friends since childhood, lived in the same neighbourhood, went to the same school and dated the same girls. They are now 21, dressed like skater boys and drinking beer. "I'm not in the mood for football," says Owen drinking a [...]

A revengeful elf

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind darling.” Says Firlia pouring rose tea in her nutshell. The nutshell sways slowly on the solid wood table. Behind Firlia, on the dirt wall, there are some colourful petals, which stand up on the wall with the help of thin twigs, used as nails. [...]

A wand for a human

PART I Our story begins with Algar, a Wand-Maker elf, living in his little forest house, he is red and has big ears and big orange eyes. Algar evening starts by going into the garden to pick up a raspberry, he waves at Mina as he sees her coming from the human's town. Mina is [...]

Who betrayed first?

The dark waves hit the boat over and over again, the storm begs for some dead Vikings, but Sigurd keeps encourages us. "Calm down crew. He never lets us down." His voice is powerful and deep, and he is a good captain, he has a long light brown beard and always keeps his axe in [...]

Ghosts tell stories

I wake up suddenly from the screams I hear from downstairs, I jump out of the bed and run. As I open the door to the bathroom I see my mom, sitting on the floor, she is covering her mouth with her left hand, and blood is pouring through her fingers. I look on the [...]