Burn Heaven

short fiction stories

Helga’s crew

The bar was full of the laughs of the drunk women, pirates that were preparing to go to sea that day. They were all looking happy, dancing, telling stories, and talking shit about their husbands. Helga Morgan, the captain of the crew, was a very interesting woman, she was intelligent and beautiful, her black hair was falling a little over her shoulders, and with her beautiful chest and prominent hips, she could attract anyone’s attention. Helga loved dancing in the middle of the bar, listening carefully to the men’s whispers, beating them up every time they had to say something about her or her girls.

They all left the bar straight to the ship, men and children were all around it, admiring it every time they saw it. A man approached Helga.

“My wife told me you built the ship alone.”

“I did,” Helga answered with a mean tone.

“How? There is no way.”

“I gave birth to it, then I feed it and educated it, and it grew this size.”

“You can’t give birth to a ship, that’s stupid.”

“Of course I can, your wife gave birth to a human, a ship it’s way easier.”

Helga’s husband, Henry entered the conversation laughing.

“Women can do things you can’t even imagine…Now let’s go, let these women do their job.”

Henry kissed Helga and left to gather the rest of the men with their children for the ceremony they always had when the women were leaving.

The women got on the ship and left for a new exciting adventure, Helga prepared a new route.

It was nighttime, the sea was calm and quiet when they heard music, they could see in the distance something on a big stone, in the middle of the ocean. As they got closer they saw the figure of a man playing the guitar, the water around him was bright and sparklingly.

“No.” Shouted Helga when she saw all the other women on board being absorbed by the song the man was playing.

“Listen to me, he wants to kill us, to eat us, don’t listen to his song, don’t look at him.”

Helga’s words were just a whisper for the crew, so Helga took a spoon and started hitting everything she could, to disturb them. After a few seconds, some of the others snapped out of the man’s magic.

“We have to tie them up because they’ll soon jump.” Said Helga preparing the ropes.

As they were getting closer and closer to the man, everyone became more and more agitated, all the moonlight was falling on him so they could see how the water was flowing on his naked chest and his brown curly hair was gently touching his shoulders. His song was getting louder and louder, and he started singing.

Helga took out her gun and shot him in his right arm, but he didn’t stop singing or playing the guitar, his arm was bleeding slowly but he started smiling. Helga took a fish from a wooden bucket and threw it at the man. He left his guitar down and caught the fish, his smile started expanding and they could all now see his long pointy teeth.

He took a bite of the fish, threw it in the water and he went back to singing, and that’s when Helga lost the first member of her crew. The woman jumped into the water and swam right towards the man, he devoured her in seconds. Helga then decided she would come up with a plan to eliminate the mermaids, and stop them from being a threat to people at sea.

When she got back onshore she started researching, reading, and talking with people about mermaids, where they hide, where they come from, and so on. In a conversation with her father, she found out something that made her wonder more and more about mermaids.


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