Burn Heaven

short fiction stories


Part I

The rain was falling fast, making the whole town silent, people were running around, holding their umbrellas tight, and so was Tim, who was running to the hospital. Tim’s wife was giving birth to their first child in a hospital 10 minutes away, and he was running as hard as he could.

When Tim got there he saw his wife crying, her hands were full of blood and so was the bed she was laying on.

“I’m here for you.” He said before hugging her.

She seemed detached, only crying and looking at her hands, touching her full of blood legs and crying harder. Tim talked to the doctor and found out that their baby boy didn’t make it. They went home the next day, Tim was trying to help Sarah with everything he could, but she didn’t seem to want his help. Sarah was trying every day to find ways to cope with the situation, and an idea came to her, and it seemed like the perfect thing.

“Let’s get another boy Tim.” She said sipping her coffee.

“What do you mean “get”? Adopt?”

“Let’s kidnap one, we have so many children around town.”

“Sarah, no. I understand that you’re suffering, but kidnapping a child?” No.” Answered Tim leaving the kitchen.

“Tim, I love you. Do this for me.”

“Are you insane?” He asked her going toward her. “Put yourself in that mother’s place, how would you feel?”

“I don’t know Tim. My child has already been taken from me.” She screamed.

“Fine, we’ll do it, but it must be a child from another town.”

“That’s amazing, I’ll go prepare a room for him, we can go tomorrow.”

“Of course, tomorrow it is.”

As Sarah went upstairs, excited that she convinced Tim, he ran outside and made a quick call to an old friend.

“Hi Simon, it’s Tim, I need a big favor. Can I come by your house later tonight?”

“Hi, of course, come by at 7 p.m.”

Tim lied to Sarah that he had a job meeting and went by Simon’s. Simon and his wife welcomed Tim with a nice dinner and a smile on their faces.

“Where is Sarah?” Asked Simon.

“That’s why I need to talk to you guys.”

Tim told them all about the tragic event in their life and how was Sarah behaving, ending his story with Sarah’s idea.

“I want to help her Simon, I do. Let me kidnap your child.”

“I don’t think I understand you very well, kidnap my kid?” Asked Simon confused.

“I came to you because you are a therapist, and I thought you might understand how she feels and how to help her. I want to let her go with her plan because I think she would realize it’s a bad idea.”

Tim got up from the table and went closer to Simon.

“Simon, your kid will be safe, we’ll arrange everything. She will regret doing it and then I’ll bring the kid back, I can’t risk this with someone else’s child.”

“What if she wants to keep it? How will you handle the situation then?” Asked Simon’s wife.

“I’ll bring the kid back and I’ll bring her too, you can help her Simon.”

“You have to let us speak alone a little, it’s not an easy decision.” Said Simon.

They left the room and came back after half an hour, their faces didn’t express anything.

“We’re helping you. Came upstairs and meet my son, Charlie.”

Tim spent a whole hour talking to Charlie, a 5 years old boy with black curly hair and green eyes, a little boy that liked talking and playing with trucks.

“Ok Charlie, listen to me, tomorrow we will meet again, and you’ll also meet Auntie Sarah.” Said Tim before leaving the boy’s room.

Charlie nodded and went on with playing.

“Sarah doesn’t know where you guys live and have never seen Charlie. We can take him from your porch.”

“Just so you know, if I feel anything going wrong I’m calling the police.” Said Simon.

“Of course. See you tomorrow, we’ll come by 9 a.m.”

Tim almost ran to his car, his head was spinning, he wanted to sit down and take a few deep breaths. His drive back home was slow, thinking of the plan over and over again, thinking of all the possibilities. When he got home Sarah was already sleeping, he couldn’t sleep so he spent his night drinking wine in the kitchen.

“Wake up, it’s 8 a.m.” Said Tim trying to wake up Sarah.

She opened her eyes and jumped out of bed instantly.

“I went out looking around last night, I found a kid.”

“Oh my god, Tim. I’ll go get dressed.”

“We’re leaving in 30 minutes.”

Those 30 minutes passed way quicker than Tim would’ve wanted, they both got in the car and started driving. When they got closer Tim texted Simon.

“We’re 5 minutes away. You can take Charlie outside.” Texted Tim with his hands shaking.

As they entered the street they could already see Charlie playing outside, laughing and running around on the porch.

“That’s the kid. We’ll pretend we are his uncle and aunt. I’ll talk to him, got it?” Asked Tim while pulling up the car in front of the house.

“Are you sure of this?” Asked Sarah.

“You wanted this.” He answered.

“What if his parents see us?”

“They are at work already for sure, and the nanny is probably doing something else. This is our only chance.”

“Take him quick.”

Tim went slowly towards the child, smiling.

“Hi Charlie, I told you I was going to come back.”

Tim took Charlie’s hand and went slowly to the car, Sarah was trying to keep her excitement hidden, but she kept smiling uncontrollably. The moment Tim opened the rear door she started giggling.

“Hi little man, I’m aunt Sarah, what’s your name?”

“I’m Charlie.”

Read “Part II” here.


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